Social studies and management  

We carry out research on social work, education and management of public and private organisations.

Our research centres

VIA Management and Organisation
We develop knowledge about management and organisational development.

The research centre carries out research on leadership, management and organisational processes in modern welfare institutions.

Our projects look at management of schools, complexities of management in public welfare, and how to cooperate among organisations.

Our focus is multidisciplinary and includes researchers from across VIA and our partners.

For further information, please contact:

Betina Wolfgang Rennison, centerleder, docent, ph.d.
T: +45 87 55 29 94

VIA Society & Social Work
We study social pedagogy and social work.

The research centre looks at social work with a focus on social justice. We carry out projects in close cooperation with professional practice and offers new knowledge to the services, those professions offer to children, youth and adults.

Among our research areas are socially marginalized groups, inclusion of people with social challenges and social entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to help improve connections between areas within the modern welfare state. This includes services related to the job market, social work for marginalised groups, and prevention of marginalization.

We also look at how citizens can help create new possibilities and social value and justice for marginalized groups - in cooperation with professionals.

For further information, please contact:

Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg, head of centre, PhD
T: +45 87 55 17 51