Design, film and animation  

VIA offers cutting-edge research in animation, film, transmedia and design. Our three research centres cooperate with national and international partners in developing new knowledge for our educational programmes and for the future of the industries.

Our research centres

VIA Animation & Visualisation
Animation creates innovation and new ways of learning.

Since 2007, the research centre VIA Animation & Visualisation has helped to strengthen the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the Danish and international animation industry. This is done by spotting new trends and developing the field of animation and new media – in cooperation with partners in Denmark and around the world.

Animation research

Through its extensive network in the industry, the centre has access to the latest knowledge in the field of animation. Based on the internationally acclaimed animation skills and education in Viborg, the centre carries out research on:

New communication methods based on animation technique

  • Animation pedagogy
  • Growth and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural development
  • Development of education courses.

For more information, please contact:

Morten Thorning, Rector of Studies The Animation Workshop
T: +45 87 55 49 03

VIA Design
We develop new knowledge for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The research centre cooperates with Danish and international partners in developing new knowledge for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

We carry out projects in the following areas:

Material science and functional design

  • Development of sustainable and innovative materials and production methods

Smart textiles

  • Innovative materials with smart functionalities
  • E-textiles (integration of power-consuming or supplying power units in textiles)

Pattern design

  • Research in fitting and sizes
  • Combinations of technology, materials, design, aesthetics and functionality

Creative business innovation

  • Sustainable approaches to, for example, supply chain management
  • New retail models
  • Trend forecasting, marketing and branding.

For more information about VIA Design, please contact:

Anders Bisgaard, Head of Research Center
T: +45 87 55 05 07

VIA Film & Transmedia
We develop new ways of telling stories.

The research centre develops new knowledge about film and transmedia in close cooperation with industry and other research institutions.

We explore the latest forms of storytelling across media types. Our research areas include:

Fashion film and transmedia storytelling

  • Application-oriented research in close interaction between research, education and professional practice
  • Creation of new knowledge, innovation and concrete solutions in the interplay between technology, business and narrative

Humour in film and transmedia storytelling

  • Create and exchange the latest knowledge on the use of humour in film and transmedia
  • Create useful tools for the media industry and post-graduate students

Post-television drama and transmedia storytelling

  • The classic TV series on new platforms
  • New, groundbreaking narrative forms
  • Study of new drama formats and how they affect the media of television

Transmedia Lab

  • We experiment with – and investigate – brand new formats, platforms and technologies
  • Targeted use of new trans-media forms in a variety of industries.

For more information, please contact:

Louis Thonsgaard, Head of Research and Studies
T: +45 87 55 05 50