Business and entrepreneurship  

Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential parts of how businesses work in a global economy. Our researchers work with companies and organisations to develop knowledge about the future of globalisation and innovation.

Our research centres

VIA Business Globalisation
Our projects focus on sustainable business models, globalisation and intercultural competencies.

Areas of research carried out at the centre:

Value chain optimisation

All businesses are part of a business network. These networks are increasingly global. Furthermore, businesses face new challenges and requirements from their network.

We do research on how businesses can manage and optimise their networks. Examples include how to develop sustainable business models when the organisation has several locations.

International sales and marketing management

In Denmark, 95% of all businesses are small and medium size enterprises (SME). However, a lot of the SMEs don’t export.

We work to find best practices among exporting businesses and spread this knowledge to the benefit of Danish export in general.

Language and intercultural competencies

Given globalisation and the increasing diversity in the workforce, cultural knowledge and effective intercultural communication skills are important in today’s business world. We analyse, map and develop internal and external communication platforms aimed at strengthening SMEs’ linguistic and cross-cultural strategies.

For more information, please contact:

Rickard Lindquist, Head of Research Center
T: +45 87 55 44 03
Skype: rickard.lindquist

VIA Entrepeneurship Education
The research programme supports innovation and entrepreneurship at VIA.

The research programme cooperates closely with Aarhus University and the University of Southern Denmark in strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship at Danish higher education institutions. This includes faculty and students.

The purpose of the research programme

  • To create a platform for the development of research and development for teaching entrepreneurship at VIA
  • To strengthen the professional and academic competencies of faculty in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation
  • To bring together research and development activities in entrepreneurship at VIA.

For more information about the programme and projects, please contact:

Anne Kirketerp Linstad, Head of Programme
T: +45 87 55 33 71