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Come to VIA Nursing for an international exchange experience and get a global perspective on challenges in the healthcare sector. You can choose between three different exchange programmes.

About the programme


Title: Nursing Exchange Programme

Duration of the programme: 1 module or 1 semester (1 module = 15 ECTS. 1 semester = 30 ECTS)

Programme start: Autumn (week 35). Practical studies will require special agreements.

Study location: In the city of Viborg or Aarhus. Read about Campus Viborg (in English). Read about Campus Aarhus N (in English).

Language: The programme is taught in English

Structure and content
You can choose between three different nursing exchange programmes.

As a student at the VIA Nursing Exchange Programme, you can choose between ”Healthcare in a global community” (theory and practice), “Research in cultural and ethical issues” (theory) or a 100% practical programme at for example a hospital or in a home healthcare setting.

Both Danish and international students can attend.

1. “Healthcare in a global community” consists of one semester (16 weeks) with both theoretical and practical studies (30 ECTS).

2. “Research in cultural and ethical issues” consists of one module (10 weeks) with theoretical studies (15 ECTS).

If you like, you can start your exchange programme with two weeks of summer school (4 ECTS) and complete the programme with practical studies or in home healthcare setting.

3. The nursing exchange programme can also consist of 100% practical studies in a hospital or in home healthcare setting (typically 15-30 ECTS).

Evaluation and exams

Your learning outcome will be assessed through in-course assignments, tests, presentations and examinations.

Assessments are based on the following types of examinations:

  • Written or oral examinations
  • In-class tests
  • Oral examination with a project report and an oral group presentation as the basis of an individual examination
  • Combinations of the above

Examinations are organized as individual tests assessed by external or internal examiners.

Guidance during internships

When you are on a internship as part of your studies, you will have one supervisor at the place where you are performing your internship and a separate academic supervisor as part of the programme. VIA offers regular supervision, evaluation, and assessment.

We expect you to have already completed one year of study at your home university before you apply for our exchange programme.

VIA University College expects international students applying to take a portion of their degree course at VIA University College to have already completed part of their degree course at their home university. This would usually be the first year of a B.Sc.

We work in close cooperation with the students' home universities to ensure that each course the student completes successfully at VIA University College is credited at the home university.

Language requirements

In order to join the nursing exchange programme at VIA University College, you must be able to speak and write English well. You must be able to understand spoken English when following courses and also be able to write your homework and other assignments and reports in English.

How to apply
The application deadline depends on which kind of study you are applying for.

If you would like to apply for an exchange programme at VIA University College, School of Nursing, please make an online application (in English)

Application deadlines

  • “Healthcare in a global community”: 1 April
  • The Exchange Programme with 100% practical studies: 1 March or 1 September for the following semester.

Contact Health Sciences, VIA University College at for further information.

When we have received your application

When we have received your application we will:

  • Contact you to tell you if you are accepted in our institution
  • Initiate signatures from your university/school on a learning agreement

Before your arrival, you will receive information about where to go on the first day of your studies.

Read more about accommodation in the town of Viborg (in English).

Fees and tuition
Usually exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

Contact Health Sciences, VIA University College at for further information about tuition fee.

Read about tuition fee and scholarships.

If your nursing exchange includes practical studies, you are guaranteed a internship.

If your exchange programme involves practical studies, either in whole or in part, VIA will find a internship for you. You will not be paid during your internship.

In the nursing programme, we also refer to internship by the name “clinical practice.”

1. “Healthcare in a global community”

This semester has 6 weeks of clinical practice. Prior to going into clinical practice, students are taught nursing skills in laboratory sessions.

The internship is required and unpaid.

You can do a internship in:

  • Hospitals
  • In the Danish municipal home healthcare system

2. “Research in cultural and ethical issues”

This module is a 100% theoretical study and has no clinical practice.

However, you have the option to extend your stay with clinical practice.

3. The exchange programme with 100% clinical practice

You can do an unpaid internship in:

  • Hospitals
  • The Danish municipal home healthcare system
  • Psychiatry
  • Hospices

Before you contact VIA, discuss with your home institution which courses you must undertake at VIA University College in order to achieve full credit at your home institution.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Viborg School of Nursing 
Prinsens Allé 2
8800 Viborg 
DK - Denmark
T: + 45 87 55 22 00 

Aarhus School of Nursing 
Hedeager 2 
8200 Aarhus N 
DK - Denmark
T: +45 87 55 20 00 

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