Meet Yue Li from China  

Full-time degree student of Value Chain Management

"The way people live here inspires me the most. Here in Denmark, people smile at each other even though they do not know them. The trust between people also inspires me".

Why did you choose VIA University College?

I chose to study in Denmark, because it is a country famous for its high level of happiness. It is also a safe and beautiful country, which is the perfect choice for someone who has never studied abroad before. The education system in Denmark focuses on encouraging students to be active and study in groups, which I have never experienced before, because in my country, we study individually. I wanted to experience something different, and working in groups is a learning method that I prefer.

My biggest experience

Definitely the opportunity to travel inside Europe. It is so easy to travel around because the countries are so close to each other. Before I came to Denmark, I had never thought I would be able to travel different countries as a student, but the truth is that tickets are cheap and it does not take a long time to travel. I am so happy about this.

My advice

Don't hesitate - just come to Denmark, because you will never regret it. Here, it might be a little cold and rainy but the kindness and enthusiasm of the people will make you feel warm. You will be study-ing in an international environment, so be ready to meet people from all around the world.

My greatest challenge

It has been the difference in culture. I come from China and a culture that is very different from European culture, from the language to the way people live. Sometimes, my friends and I misunderstand each other because the way we deal with things is very different and therefore confusing at times.