Happiness and Innovation in Education and Social Work in Bhutan

Exceptional summer school in Bhutan with a mix of Danish innovative didactics and Bhutanese Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Happiness and Innovation in Education and Social Work in Bhutan  

Summer school

Do you want to examine happiness in education and social work in Bhutan? Do you want to develop your innovative mindset? And would you like to bring happiness into your job as a social worker, pedagogue or teacher? Then join this exceptional summer school of Danish innovative didactics mixed with the philosophy of Bhutanese Gross National Happiness (GNH)

About the programme


Subject: Happiness and Innovation in Education and Social Work

Duration: 3 weeks

Dates: 24 July – 20 August 2019

Language: English

Credits: 7 ECTS

Academic level: BA level

Prerequisites: The summer school in Happiness and Innovation addresses all students and professionals in the fields of pedagogy, social work and teaching – with an interest in GNH and a higher purpose of learning.

Maximum enrolment: Maximum 60 participants. If there are more eligible applicants than available places, they will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis.

Course fee:

Tuition fee: US$ 1200.

Tuition fee for VIA student: US$ 425

Tuition fee for PCE students US$ 345

Fee for VISA: 40 US$

Accommodation and food is included in the fee. We will follow the teaching and live together in modern facilities.

Insurance, visa and travelling expenses to and from Denmark are not included in the fee.

Application deadline: 1 June, 2019

Location: Paro College of Education, Bhutan.

About the course
Learn to implement GNH principles in education and social work and how Western and Eastern values can be combined


You will learn to implement GNH principles in education and social work, experience how you support creativity and innovation and most importantly: how Western and Eastern values van be combined to bring happiness through innovative approaches.


Denmark and Bhutan wondrously agrees that the main purpose of educational and social activities is not only to learn skills, but fundamentally to be more happy, whole and life-competent. A key principle in Denmark is: “We don’t learn for school, but for life”. In Bhutan, GNH-happiness is the fundamental human goal and the foundation of all education and social life. This course will combine Danish and Bhutanese knowledge and enable you to:

Use Bhutan’s GNH-principles in education and social work

Create  environments that spur happiness and  innovation in teaching and social work

Unfold the full potential of yourself and other individuals

Develop a holistic approach to educational and social work  that combine ancient Eastern and Western values

During the course, you will visit GNH-institutions and experience different forms of education settings and social initiatives. You also get the opportunity to explore the nature, mountains and culture of Bhutan.

Learning outcome

The summer school in Happiness and Innovation will provide you with valuable skills and a stronger professional profile, but also challenge and develop your personal mindset and require willingness to explore new perspectives.


Week 1: Introduction to GNH background and implementation in Bhutanese education system and society. Visit educational agencies, schools and social institutions working with GNH.

Week 2: Methods and processes that enhance creativity and innovation. A combination of presentations and practical work with developing, selecting, presenting and evaluating creative ideas.

Working individually or in groups with developing ways of enhancing happiness and unfolding the potential of the individual in your own practice at home and in Bhutan as a preparation for a globalised future.

Week 3: Fieldwork in Bhutanese society. Project-groups will observe and examine needs and develop innovative solutions in co-creation with local partners.

More information and application can be found on our English website.

Practical information
The course fee does not include food or accommodation expenses.

Please see the English VIA Summer School website for more information.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions

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