Do you want to work with nutrition and health challenges?

VIA Global Nutrition & Health  


Apply for VIA Global Nutrition & Health if you want to plan, implement and evaluate projects and interventions that promote health and prevent disease.

About the programme


Title: Bachelor´s degree in Global Nutrition & Health 

Duration of the programme: 3 ½ years (210 ECTS). Full time course of study 

Programme start: September

Study location: Aarhus N. Read more about Campus Aarhus N (in English) 

Language: The programme is taught in English 

Structure and content
The programme consists of seven semesters.

The overall aim is to work with health promotion on a local and global level. The focus is on nutrition and health in a practical perspective for example through sustainable health solutions and its consequences.

A possible case to work on during the studies could be: “How does food production affect the environment and what can be done to make food production more sustainable?” another case could be: “How can school meals be improved in a more sustainable direction?”

Another aspect of the programme is inequalities in health. Focus is both on differences between countries but also within specific countries. Issues in regard to malnutrition can be seen not just in developing countries but in developed countries as well.

The aim is also to work holistically with health interventions both for individuals and groups. That means that project management and public health promotion are essential skills to be learned. Further skills in communication are important in order to understand individuals and the communities that they are influenced by. Therefore the programme includes psychological, educational and sociological theories.

The students become qualified to

  • Initiate, implement and evaluate health education interventions and activities in various settings and target groups
  • Enhance and sustain public knowledge and awareness about healthy eating and informed dietary choices
  • Plan, develop, implement and/or evaluate effective public health nutrition projects and interventions targeting vulnerable population groups
  • Advocate sustainable food and health policies to promote equitable access to safe and healthy food on a national as well as international level
  • Initiate and facilitate lifestyle changes in individuals and groups
  • Educate individuals and groups within the field of nutrition, lifestyle diseases, smoking cessation and physical activity, with appropriate consideration for cultural diversity
  • Design and evaluate individual dietary plans
Contact us for information about enrolment.

VIA University College will accept applications from international students having an upper secondary school leaving certificate (+ supplementary higher education studies) making you eligible for admission to higher education in Denmark.

Please contact our guidance counsellor at the VIA Global Nutrition & Health programme for information about requirements for international applicants.

Guidance counsellor
Martina Blunck Terp
T: +45 87 55 26 03

    Programme start 

    The VIA Global Nutrition & Health programme begins in week 35 or 36.

    How to apply
    All applicants must apply through digital enrolment.

    Application deadline

    • Deadline 15 March, 12:00 noon.

    Please contact our guidance counsellor for information about admission.

    Guidance counsellor
    Martina Blunck Terp
    T: +45 87 55 26 03

    General rules of admissions

    Before you apply to one of VIA's programmes, you must carefully read the general rules of admissions. If there is a mistake in your application, it is your own responsibility, and it can mean that your application will not be accepted. 

    Read the general rules of admissions on our English website.

    Fees and tuition
    Information about tuition fee and scholarships.

    The tuition fee is EUR 12,000 for a year of study.

    The fee covering the first year of study has to be paid no later than 1 June. Afterwards, the payment deadline is one month before each semester starts (EUR 6,000 each).

    Read more about scholarships.

    Read more about coming to Denmark at New in Denmark, the official portal for foreigners in Denmark.

    Internship is a mandatory part of the programme.

    The students find and contact possible internship places in cooperation with the programme. This means that you will play an active role in finding a place that matches your interests. However, it is important that your internship is approved by the programme before you leave.

    Student counselling
    Do you need further information regarding admissions, the programme, student life, scholarships or accommodation?

    Contact the guidance counsellor:

    Guidance counsellor 
    Martina Blunck Terp 
    T: +45 87 55 26 03 

    Student guidance counsellors: 

    You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

    VIA Global Nutrition & Health 
    Campus Aarhus N 
    Hedeager 2 
    DK - 8200 Aarhus N 
    T: +45 87 55 26 00 

    Read about VIA Campus Aarhus N (in English).