Pattern Design  

Do you want to create form and silhouette in a garment? Do you want to develop your understanding of fit and sizing, and work independently in a design process creating 2D and 3D patterns? Then study Pattern Design.

About the programme

Learn to balance the aesthetic with the functional and create clothes that fit.

Pattern Design is an area of specialisation within the on the Top-up Bachelor (BA) degree. The programme takes 1.5 years and is located in Herning.

Being a skilled pattern designer is a matter of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This programme is centred on projects in which you will develop and combine theories of pattern design techniques with your sense of form – both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. 

As a skilled pattern designer you can work independently creating patterns, estimating silhouettes and proportions, and using with grading systems that support the design DNA. You will be able to decode a brand’s design DNA and determine optimum manufacturing methods. 

Areas of focus 

You learn to work out complex solutions for pattern designing and grading. Your role is to balance the aesthetic with the functional. You will become very experienced in the use of Gerber Technology’s CAD program, AccuMark, a popular tool for creating patterns and applying grading to the garment. 

In addition, you will learn how to estimate the usability of the materials and silhouette in relation to the sketches of the fashion designer. This will make you a valued sounding board in the design process. 

During the programme you will acquire a profound knowledge of pattern design, grading, fitting and materials, giving you the ability to work experimentally and innovate within the pattern design process. 

The common core projects of the course programme enhance your skills when it comes to interdisciplinary collaborations. The mandatory placement period provides you with the chance to expand your network and CV. 

We strive to give all students a clear and realistic picture of the fashion business, and create a strong network during their education. An important part of the programme is learning how to understand the design process all the way from the first sketches to production, and to be able to collaborate with other professionals to achieve an idea. 

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Career guidance
With a BA degree specialising in Pattern Design, you will have the chance to work as a pattern designer in the fashion industry.

You will often be in charge of fitting of the garment and the communication and documentation of the fit to Danish as well as international business partners. The pattern designer evaluates the sketches of the fashion designer in order to determine advisable methods of manufacturing. 

The pattern designer is responsible for the fit and sizing of the garment and must make sure that the silhouette and fit meets the expectations of the target group and matches the identity and price level of the brand. 

The pattern designer and the designer serve as sounding boards for each other in the process of creating a collection. 

The theoretical knowledge you acquire during your studies will be an advantage when it comes to managing projects in a design department. 

Further education

With a BA degree specialising in Pattern Design, you will have the opportunity to take up further studies at another university. Some of our students choose to take up a Master’s degree at universities around the world. Our student counsellors will be happy to guide you on this. 

You are always welcome to contact us.

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VIA Design & Business 
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