We train professionals in Early Years Education

Lecturers from VIA Faculty of Education & Social Studies provide skills training and consultancy in early years education in China. Our training is targeting pre-schools and primary schools. We offer standard and tailormade education and training.

Our services

Training that transforms lives.

At VIA, we believe that education and training impacts and transforms lives and that investing in children and young people is fundamental to the future of any society.

We increasingly see how our knowhow makes a difference outside of Denmark.

The aim of our state-of-the-art courses is to provide educators with the skills necessary to help children and young people get the best opportunities in life.

We never seek to transfer Danish pedagogical knowhow to other countries. On the contrary, we modify our training to best support the development in countries such as China.

Methods and values
We build on century-old methods and values.

The methods and values underlying Danish social education (pedagogy) have been developed over more than a century within the framework of the Danish welfare state.

Our consultancy and skills training build on Danish traditions, professionalism and knowhow. The strength of these methods is that they bring about positive change for children, parents and professionals – in various social and cultural settings.

"The Danish experts introduced a broad and very inspiring palette of innovative methodologies that really increased the impact of our projects. Through training and competence development, a very large number of Romanian teachers have now implemented new ways of teaching that have raised the quality of Romanian pupils' school life".

- Professor Dr. Laurentiu Soitu, Project Manager, Cuza University

What we offer
We offer skills training and consultancy.

We offer specialised services in two interdependent areas: skills training and consultancy. 

Our services include:

  • Skills training by VIA's pedagogical and education faculty
  • Assistance in carrying out organisational change in learning environments
  • Assistance developing staff performance in professional work with children and young people
  • Assistance developing institutional management for pedagogical practice and learning
  • Assistance developing indoor and outdoor institutional design to support pedagogical and educational processes 

Our subject-specific and general courses are based on Danish didactics and educational themes and build on our flagship bachelor-degree programmes in education and social studies. 

We developed a list of modules for professionals working in two areas: early childhood education as well as primary and secondary school education. 

The modules can be combined depending on specific needs.

Our courses and consultancy
We offer basic and specialised courses.

Our courses can be combined in various ways depending on specific needs for training and education of staff.

Courses most often last one week and are normally a part of a longer training period with more courses arranged in a coherent curriculum. The aim is always to develop capacity of staff, so they can use their newly-acquired skills to help bring about positive change.

Participants gain access to the latest methodologies in early years education.

Courses in early childhood education:

These courses cover subjects such as language, psychology, digital media, outdoor learning, creative thinking and drama.

Download a list of modules in early childhood education (pdf)

Modules in primary and secondary education:

These courses cover subjects such as didactics and learning theory, social competencies and inclusion in schools, outdoor education as well as sustainability and innovation.

Download a list of modules in primary and secondary school education (pdf)

Other documents for download:

Please download introduction to the advanced Danish understanding of early years education (pdf)

Please download examples of courses for early years education:

1. Outdoor Activities in Early Childhood Education (pdf)
2. Development og childrens motor skills (pdf)
3. Danish-style Physical Education and Sports (pdf)
4. Educational Drama in Kindergartens and Primary School (pdf)
5. Childhood in Modern Society
6. Teaching English with a media toolbox and web 2.0 technologies (pdf)

We look forward to assisting you.

For further information on our skills training and consultancy services, please contact

Bjørn Laigaard Ole Laigaard
Communication, Student Life and Global Engagement
T: +45 87 55 30 03
E: bl@via.dk