Apply for our exchange programmes  

Do you want to study as an exchange student in Denmark in the fall semester 2020? In that case exchange programmes are open for application now.

Final deadline is during the spring, with different dates for each programme. All the deadlines indicated below are at 12:00 European Standard Time.

We offer programmes within health, social education, pedagogy, technology, engineering, design, business and animation.

How to apply?

To learn more about the individual programmes, admission requirements, and how to apply, please click in the programmes below.

  1. Architectural Technology & Construction Management – Application deadline: 1 May
  2. Business & Communication – Application deadline 1 May
  3. Civil Engineering – Application deadline: 1 May
  4. Creative Learning & Animation – Application deadline:  1 June
  5. Design & Business – Application deadline: 1 May
  6. Early Childhood Education & Preschool Teaching – Application deadline: 1 June
  7. Heart – Head – Hands – Application deadline: 1 May
  8. International Class in Teacher Education – Application deadline: 1 May
  9. Materials Science & Product Design - Application deadline: 1 November (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SPRING SEMESTERS)
  10. Mechanical Engineering – 1 May
  11. Nature in Social Education – Application deadline: 1 May
  12. Film and transmedia storytelling – New Screens Experience – Application deadline: 1 October (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SPRING SEMESTERS)
  13. Nursing: Healthcare in a global community – Application deadline: 1 April
  14. Nursing: Practical studies – Application deadline: 1 March for autumn semester/1 October for spring semester
  15. Outdoor Play & Learning – Application deadline: 1 May
  16. Social Entrepreneurship – Application deadline: 1 June for autumn semester/1 December for spring semester
  17. Software Engineering – Application deadline: 1 May for autumn semester/1 November for spring semester
  18. Film and Transmedia Storytelling - The Fashion Experience – Application deadline: 1 May
  19. Working in Contexts of Disaster or Conflict – Application deadline: 1 November (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SPRING SEMESTERS)

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