We offer a Sino-Danish double degree in engineering

In China and around the world, we collaborate with esteemed academic institutions on student and staff mobility, short courses, tailor-made programmes and research. VIA holds an accreditation qualification from the People's Republic of China.

Our academic partnerships

Research and development
We develop knowledge that helps solve societal challenges.

How do we take care of the increasing number of elderly people with chronic disease? How do we prepare our cities from flooding and create resilitence to the effects of climate change? And what does the changing roles of school educators mean to children and our future?

These are among the questions, our researchers work to help solve.

Centres and programmes

Our research and development centres and programmes develop knowledge related to the professions for which we educate students. Our degree programmes are based on the latest knowledge in their particular fields, and we help public and private institutions find new solutions to challenges facing the professions.

Applied research as a hallmark

A hallmark of our approach to research and development is our focus on applied research. As a university of applied science, we build our projects on close cooperation with public and private partners.

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Student and staff exchange
VIA encourages students and staff to go abroad.

We cooperate internationally and exchange students and faculty with partners in China and around the world.

International guest lecturers

For some of our programmes, such as film and transmedia, we invite the best lectures within the field. This includes Academy Award winning film producers. In addition, we cooperate closely with the industries for which we educate talented professionals.

International collaboration

Increasingly VIA signs bilateral institutional agreements to secure a steady growth of in- and outgoing students as well as to share knowledge and inspiration with partners.

For more information, please see our list of exchange options under Programmes.

Double degrees
VIA's double degrees give students international opportunities.

VIA offers double degrees (parallel study programmes) in collaboration with international educational institutions.

This is part of a national initiative to develop broader cooperation with international partners.

VIA has been very successful in developing double degrees in countries such as China and Romania.

Read the articles VIA launches new Sino-Danish double-degree in engineering and Danish-Chinese double degree is popular.

Please contact us if you are interested in a double degree collaboration.

Summer schools
VIA's summer schools open the doors to international talent.

Through our summer schools, VIA wishes to open our doors for talented international students to show what VIA can offer. Each year, students from all over the world attend one of our summer schools for credits or inspiration.

A summer school at VIA is an excellent way of pursuing a specific interest in your field of study.

Also, a summer school is a great way to visit Denmark and get an experience of Danish lifestyle and country.

Many academic areas

Our summer school programmes are offered at bachelor-degree level in the fields of health, creative industries, technology, business, social work, education as well as tailor-made courses.

For tailor-made options please contact us