VIA Senior lecturer speaks at International Conference in Shanghai

Innovation, entrepreneurship and communication in Health Care were the main topics when Sisse Charlotte Norre, senior lecturer at VIAs nursing programme, spoke at the International Forum of Premium Healthcare in Shanghai in September 2017.

“It is of great importance for our future health care system in Denmark and China that our health care professionals are able to innovate and create new solutions in their daily work with patients,” says Sisse Charlotte Norre.

Sisse Charlotte Norre and health care expect from China and abroad were invited to speak at the International Forum of Premium Healthcare in Shanghai. Shanghai Municipality Health Care Committee organized the conference.

In Sisse Charlotte Norre’s presentation, she stated that innovation and entrepreneurship is of great importance in the education of coming nurses. Even though the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship comes from the more business related fields it has over the last decades spread in to other fields including health care. Today entrepreneurship is of great importance in schools of nursing in Denmark. Through the entrepreneurship mindset, the students learn to reflect on their own practice and develop user-driven innovation.

Sisse Charlotte Norre also presented different methods to work with user-driven innovation in the daily work as a professional health caretaker. The focus on the disharmonies that patients and staff experience in their daily routines will force them to reflect on what can be changed, how can we change it - and how it is possible to develop a new practice.

In early 2017, Sisse Charlotte Norre trained Chinese nurses in Shanghai and had a focus on how the nurses could develop daily practice.

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