VIA launches new Sino-Danish double-degree in engineering

On November 3rd, VIA University College and Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT) celebrated their 10-year anniversary. The latest result of the successful Sino-Danish partnership is the launch of a new double-degree in civil engineering.

By Camilla Marcinkowski, VIA University College, cama@via.dk

For 10 years, VIA students and faculty have traveled to the city of Changzhou near Shanghai to study, teach, and do work placements. Also, Chinese students and faculty have visited VIA. 

Initially, the partnership between the two educational institutions focused on early-childhood teacher-education – an area where China increasingly looks to Denmark for knowledge. 

Expanded partnership

In recent years, the partnership between VIA and CIT has expanded to include technical- and business degrees. This includes construction engineering, where Chinese students of architecture complete part of their education in Denmark. 

The latest partnership is a double-degree in civil engineering, starting in 2015. 

"It makes good sense to expand a partnership that has worked successfully for 10 years. Our experience shows that both Chinese and Danish students and faculty gain important international skills,” says Lotte Thøgersen, VIA’s head of department for civil engineering. 

Bachelor degree from Denmark and China

Students at the new double-degree programme will receive a bachelor degree in civil engineering from both CIT and VIA. The first three years of the programme take place at CIT, followed by a year at VIA in Horsens, Denmark. 

During the first 3 years, faculty from VIA will teach courses in China for 2-week periods. 

"The input from VIAs lecturers on the Danish approach to engineering is valuable for Chinese students. At the same time, the Danish lecturers gain important international experience. So it's a good relationship for both countries, "says Lotte Thøgersen. 

The new double-degree launches in 2015, where CIT expects to admit 50 students. 

In addition to CIT, VIA has a number of Chinese university partnerships. These include double degrees, student and faculty exchange as well as research and development cooperation. 

For more information about the double-degree in civil engineering, please contact: 

Lotte Thøgersen, education director for VIA Civil Engineering 

T: +45 87 55 41 91
E: lot@via.dk