About VIA University College

VIA is one of Denmark's leading institutions of higher education. We educate skilled professionals for public and private employers - in Denmark and internationally. This includes teachers, nurses, social educators, engineers and designers.

Since our first partnership in China was established in 2001, VIA has exchanged students and faculty, developed double-degree programmes, offered courses and consultancy services.

VIA's activities in China include most of our professional areas. Currently, we offer:

  • Courses and skills training for public and private companies
  • Consultancy services
  • Double degrees, top-up and diploma programmes
  • Student and faculty exchange
  • Academic workshops
  • Summer schools
  • Research and development centres and projects.

For further information, please contact our office in Chengdu or our international affairs office in Denmark.

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VIA named as Denmark’s leading entrepreneurial institution of higher education

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship has chosen VIA University College as Denmark’s most entrepreneurial institution of higher education.

VIA's activities in China

In this brochure you can read about VIA's partnerships, programmes and knowhow in China.

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